The Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge

There’s more to the Adirondacks than just the High Peaks!

The Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge is a fun and exciting way for people to get outside and explore new places in the Adirondacks!

Created by waterfall afficianodos Russell Dunn and John Haywood, who have decades of experience and dozens of guides between them, the goal of The Fifty Falls Challenge is to attract people to lesser-visited areas, and away from the High Peaks Region, in an effort to help alleviate the strain of overcrowding. While there are numerous waterfalls in the High Peaks Region, there are thousands more spread out over the Adirondack’s six-million acres.

By creating the Fifty Falls Challenge, our hope is that it will 1) help ease some of the strain of overcrowding in the High Peaks; 2) allow hikers to discover other fun and exciting areas of the Adirondacks; and 3) encourage participants, taking on the challenge, to visit local businesses and help out those economies.

For this reason, many of the well-known, heavily visited waterfalls located in the High Peaks Region, such as Roaring Brook Falls, Beaver Meadow Falls and Rainbow Falls near Lower Ausable Lake, and Bushnell Falls off of the Phelps Trail, will not be found among the “Fifty Falls.” We felt this to be an important decision as one of the goals of this challenge is to lighten the load in those areas; not draw more people to them.

A guide has been written for the challenge and is available in Amazon or local bookstores.

Purchase the guide here.